After a five year walk across the world, from the UK to Australia, Arjun Bhogal, writer and adventurer, has landed in Mildura to share his story. 

Arjun’s world-walk was inspired by the millions of people around the world who have to walk miles everyday, in search of clean, safe water - each step Arjun took raised money for Water Aid, charity that helps communities around the world to access a sustainable, clean water source.

On his journey, Arjun crossed through deserts, mountains and areas of civil unrest. He was hunted by the Taliban and spent a few nights in a Kyrgyz jail after an unfortunate encounter with some corrupt police.
Arjun hopes his story inspires others to have a more global outlook and encourages them to conjure up adventures all of their own.

“I hope I remind people that they can have their own adventures no matter how big or small - that you don't have to be ‘special’ to achieve something special.”

As he points out, we are all capable of achieving great things and maybe hearing Arjun’s story will be the beginning of your own grand adventure. 

Photo credit: Kieran Rae