C Team

Listening and engaging with others. Embracing a creative way of thinking!


Mark Haynes - Co Founder/Chair

"Starting what has been an amazing journey of meeting some very special humans. Words cannot explain the gratitude that I have for those that have become part of Cultivator. We share a common cause which gives us purpose and that is to 'make a difference’ in our community and our lives.”


Sophie Cook - Vice Chair

She loves the people - the ones she meets, the ones she works with and the ones she helps inspire. “We get to engage with an exciting group of new speakers each year and I’ve learnt and grown so much through my Cultivator journey. The committee is supportive and I feel a greater connection to the community.”


David Harris - Treasurer

"Cultivator takes me away from my ‘everyday’ role and provides me with challenges, inspiration and comradeship from a like minded group of people who just want to give a little something back to the community. 


Georgia Haynes

Each year Georgia comes back to Mildura to support Cultivator and capture some of the magic with her camera. "Cultivator brings a great energy to everyone who attends the workshops or event. It’s awesome seeing something evolve in the community and being able to get people inspired."


Russel Kerr

"Cultivator lets me be part of something special that brings perspectives of design to regional communities and to engage with local people through creative art and design projects.”


Brett Saunders

"Cultivator for me, is about bringing people together, opening their minds to different ways of thinking, helping them get inspired…why wouldn’t you want to be part of that?”


Deb Knight

"Seeing the very first Cultivator get off the ground and being part of it felt really special. I always feel inspired after every Cultivator conference and I love that the speakers are always very happy to get involved. “It makes me proud to be an adopted Mildurian too!"


Leesa Merrett

Leesa loves the idea of using creativity to bring meaningful change to Mildura.⠀
“If I can look back in 10 years and say ‘I was part of that’ – the creation of a movement towards true community collaboration and empowerment, I will feel good about what we have achieved.”


Erinne Bate

Ez hasn’t got one clear highlight - every moment, every person she meets or works with, inspires her. "I love it! I’d be crazy not to be part of it.”

Toni Douglas

Toni has found that year after year, she leaves the conference with renewed motivation to push herself, to make the most of opportunities and to connect with people. "To have such a professional event held right here, is a fantastic opportunity for students, industry leaders and the wider community, to listen to and meet, some wonderful people."


Andrea Roberts

Cultivator, for me, is about exploring the feeling of freedom that creativity can bring, while contributing to community wellbeing, meeting the most incredible and dedicated advocates of their crafts and passions and having loads of fun doing it.