John Bielenberg - Future Blitz Workshop

John Bielenberg

John Bielenberg

On Friday, March 28 2014, Cultivator in partnership with RMIT University and SuniTAFE were proud to host internationally renowned speaker, designer and founder of Project M, John Bielenberg.

Participants were invited to ‘Think Wrong’ and were introduced to design thinking as a way to empower local community action. The workshop formed part of a 2-day creative project where participants from a range of different backgrounds engage together to explore local opportunities for community interactions and social change.

‘Abandon your conventional ways of solving problems. Thinking right is what got you where you are. Start from a new place. Embrace the ridiculous. Dare to be stupid. Generate don’t debate. Let go of your assumptions, biases and orthodoxies’.
— John Bielenberg

In 2003, John created Project M, an immersive program designed to inspire and educate young designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers by proving that their work - especially their wrongest thinking - can have significant impact on communities. Project M has developed projects in Alabama, Baltimore, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Detroit, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Kansas, Maine, Minneapolis, New Orleans and Oklahoma.

Cultivator is looking forward to future collaborations with John and his innovative approach to problem solving.