Type & Tee Workshop

Members of the Mildura community of all ages gathered together at The Lab to learn some new creative skills and have a lot of fun along the way at Cultivator’s Type & Tee workshop in June.

Running for three days, the workshop explored different ways type can be created and applied, learning basic skills in typography, hand lettering and screen printing.

The workshop was a huge success, with everyone enjoying themselves in activities including “good type and bad type” photography, large-scale drawing and handcrafting type, and concluded with everyone walking away with one of their typographical designs screen printed on a t-shirt for them to wear with pride.

I loved the experience of the whole three days. It was great to learn new skills and develop my old ones. I met some new and inspiring people and made some creative artwork. On the whole I loved every molecule of the workshop!
— - Lila, 10 years, Type & Tee Workshop Attendee