Brendan Moar loves his job. As one of Australia’s best television presenters he brings to his on screen work a diverse professional background including photography, writing, acting and landscape architecture. This diversity gives his work on The LifeStyle Channel’s series Home, Moar Gardening and now Dry Spell Gardening an edge that is obvious in every episode. Brendan is thrilled with the opportunity presented by his new series of Dry Spell Gardening, “The environment situation is simply a reflection of today’s reality and something we all have to adapt to. This series is purely my approach, my take on the subject,” said Brendan. “Beautiful garden spaces that are in sync with you and your local environment keep us connected to each other and conscious of the part we all play in taking care of the planet.”

Growing up in the regional New South Wales town of Armidale, Brendan moved to Sydney to pursue a career as a photographer. Along the way his plans shifted and he made the move to study Landscape Architecture. Upon graduating he took up a position with international design firm, Hassell. After working for the firm for three years he found the desire to try his hand at performing too great and landed a role in the Disney theatre/musical, ‘Beauty and the Beast’. However, Brendan’s acting career was just an aside to his true loves: gardening and design. Juggling both careers for a time, an opportunity soon arose with The LifeStyle Channel who was looking for a landscape architect for a new series. Brendan’s love of visual communication, the desire to entertain and his great love of the environment suddenly rolled into one job, or as Brendan says, “It was like all the parts of me came together.”

Brendan has been with The LifeStyle Channel for over ten years and has twice been voted Favourite Male Subscription Television Presenter at the ASTRA Awards. Brendan has also written extensively for Inside Out magazine and is their gardening editor.