Melbourne-based artist George Rose spends most of her time climbing up ladders and painting murals. Since abandoning her formal design training, George has pursued a multidisciplinary art practice using colour, gradients and type to spread her message.

George travels from one project to another, rarely in one city for longer then a few months completing art commissions for a diverse range of clients. She has recently worked with CURVY, Good Cycles, Jansport, Starbucks and YHA Australia to name a few. If she’s not completing work for commercial projects, she’s on the global festival circuit including First Coat, Perfect Match, Roskilde, Tropica, Wall to Wall and Wonderwalls.

George has also been the recipient of some awards, including the Borrowed Wall Art Prize for Liverpool City (2016) and the Skate Park in Canberra (2017). You can’t stop someone who knows where they’re going. 

Photo credit: Nicole Reed