With passion and drive, Grace Dlabik blends fashion with philanthropy and she will be joining us on the Cultivator stage to share her story.

Without giving too much away, now internationally established, Grace kick-started her career in Melbourne in mid 1990s, when she took up a part time job at prominent fashion house FUBU while still at college. Motivated and talented, Grace quickly rose through the ranks to become Head Designer.

Today she is the founder of BE. and creative studio GiDi CREATIVE, she is one of Australia’s most sought after Creative Directors. Grace is known for her work on high calibre campaigns for major brands and boutique labels, film clips, TVCs and short films. Without sounding like her CV, Grace’s fresh perspectives and fusion of culture and design make her the top choice for brands such as Nike and Baby G Shock.

Choosing to embrace an outward approach, Grace acts as a role model for emerging artisans inside and outside the fashion industry - she has helped inspire and mould many aspiring creatives around the world, directly and indirectly helping shape global standards in the fashion and wider creative community. Her desire to mentor comes from a deep devotion to social empowerment and community and it is this devotion that caught the attention of the Cultivator team.

Grace Dlabik wants to change the world. Come and hear what she’s doing to make her dream come true. 


Above Photo Credit: Georgia Haynes