Growing up in Red Cliffs, Jake Barrow claims being named ‘Funniest Kid in High School’ was a pivotal moment in his life, according to him, that was when his career in advertising was born. 

On completing school, Jake earned a degree in Design at Mildura’s La Trobe University, before making his way to Melbourne where he placed second in the prestigious Australian Writers & Art Directors School. 

Since then he’s worked at some of Australia’s top advertising agencies pushing actors out of planes, throwing puppies at voice over artists, teaching puppets to ride bikes, giving courage to LGBTI kids, inventing Kanye West cocktails and setting office blocks on fire - all in the name of creating interesting ads. 
Jake is one of Australia’s most awarded advertising creatives. In both 2013 and 2014, he was ranked in the Top 20 Creatives in the world. 

Jake has many career highlights including creating a global dog adoption movement, judging at the esteemed Spikes Asia festival of creativity and having work featured in the book 100 Ideas that Changed Advertising but he can tell you all about that.
Jake is a guest lecturer, he mentors young up and coming creatives and he still has time to fulfil his role as Executive Creative Director at the iconic Australian advertising agency, Y&R Melbourne.

Jake still wonders if he could make it as a boxer and is absolutely sure he owns the best looking cat in Melbourne, possibly in the world.