The Andamooka Yacht Club is an innovative new tourism hub, featuring a cafe, gallery and community space, set in the moonscape surrounds of one of Australia’s oldest opal mining towns, Andamooka.  The AYC is the manifestation of a dream for Matilda and Kurt who first stumbled upon Andamooka two years ago and quickly fell in love with its captivating landscape.

After visiting the town for weeks at a time, the pair got to know the community, its people and its history and sought to use their backgrounds in architecture, graphic design and tourism to create a space that would benefit locals and travellers alike. They imagined a hub that would not only offer visitors a good cup of coffee (and put Kurt’s uni student barista experience to good use!), but would also showcase the work of artists and metal-smiths featuring the town’s famous opal. The space would also support the town’s social network through organised events and workshops.