As an entrepreneur living in Alabama, Pam Dorr runs seven businesses, two of which are not for profits, focusing on the creation of affordable housing and economic development that provide jobs and job training. Pam is the Executive Director of the Hale Empowerment & Revitalisation Organisation, Inc. (HERO) and Habitat for Humanity, Hale County, Inc. In these roles, Pam maintains working partnerships with all levels of government, community organisations, service providers and volunteers, ensuring that community development opportunities that celebrate Alabama’s rural communities are made possible. HERO builds affordable housing to help families achieve their dream of homeownership and economic development to create jobs and job training. Pam was the founder and now leads Habitat for Humanity, Hale County, Inc creating homeownership opportunities for very low-income families.

Rural areas are quickly becoming the sought after alternative to the fast Internet based economy we face each day. Creativity and innovation support change in rural areas to create economic and community alternatives. I am excited to travel to where creative minds meet and participate with Cultivator to meet passionate people and together contribute ideas.
— Pam Dorr

Pam grew up outside San Francisco and enjoyed a successful 18-year career in the apparel industry prior to dedicating herself to community development work. Joining Auburn University’s Rural Studio in 2003, she studied innovations in architecture as an Outreach Fellow and stayed in Hale County to found HERO Housing Resource Centre in 2004 and Habitat in 2006. She has led the completion of over $15,000,000 in community development assets together with the local community.